Easter Egg Tiffin

Easter Egg Tiffin

I LOVE Easter – mainly because I get my fix of mini eggs and creme eggs. Both of which I adore equally. I’m a sucker for any kind of chocolate in a crispy shell, and any kind of fondant filling too. Yep, pass those leftover Quality Street to me (my in-laws actually do). I’m also very keen on making this Easter egg tiffin, as it’s just so easy to do. Yet so delicious – and pretty.

I’ve used mini eggs, creme eggs and fruit shortcake biscuits in this Easter tiffin recipe – the latter to represent those scrumptious Easter cookies my much-missed local bakery used to sell. Although I think I may love this no bake Easter fridge cake even more. I can’t resist a mini egg. Or a creme egg.

This is the simplest tiffin recipe. No measuring sticky golden syrup or butter and no baking. Make this next time March or April comes around and it might well become an annual event. Just as making my own Christmas pudding is. (That’s very easy too, by the way.)

Easter egg tiffin ingredients

  • Milk chocolate, 500g, melted
  • Fruit shortcake biscuits, 200g, broken
  • Mini eggs, 2 packs (about 150-200g), crushed
  • Creme eggs, 2 packs (about 150-200g), halved
  • Sprinkles, to decorate


How to make Easter chocolate tiffin

  • Line a suitable square, or rectangular, dish with a sheet of greaseproof baking paper.
  • Melt the chocolate. I do this in the microwave in short bursts, stirring often, & it always works fine. I start with a 30 second burst, then 20, then 10 – if needed.
  • Once they’re prepped, stir in the crushed mini and halved creme eggs and biscuit pieces, then mix well. (You can crush the mini eggs by placing in a sealed food bag, then onto a chopping board and bashing with the end of a rolling pin.)
  • Press down into the prepared dish, then add sprinkles over the top before chilling to set. (I used Dr Oetker Unicorn Confetti.)
  • If possible, remove from the fridge for a while to soften a little before cutting (with a knife warmed in a jug of hot water is best) into bars or squares. Then chill again until ready to eat – about 30 minutes to an hour is the minimum time this will take.

Ideal at any time of the day (or night if you’re channeling Nigella).

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