20 Best Rocky Road Recipes [2024]

20 Best Rocky Road Recipes [2024]
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The list of the best rocky road recipes ensures you can whip up a homemade sweet treat anytime. No matter which flavours you prefer, or what the occasion. No offence to the classic BBC Good Food rocky road recipe, but here you’ll find an even easier version to make. Plus some other delicious seasonal and specially flavoured concoctions besides.

Options here include Easter, Halloween and Christmas rocky road recipes. There’s also tiffins featuring favourite chocolate treats such as Biscoff, Chocolate Orange, Crunchie bars, Double Decker, Jaffa Cakes, Jammie Dodgers, KitKats, Maltesers, Oreos and more.

If that has whetted your appetite, read on for 20 of the best ever rocky road recipe options. Every easy rocky road recipe requires nothing more than some chopping, melting, stirring, smoothing, sprinkling and chilling. So it’s super simple to make a batch of rocky road dessert in no time!

Find a recipe for rocky road here to suit you – and the occasion – perfectly. Or if you want to know what it’s all about, why not find out how to make rocky road first?

20 of the Best Rocky Road Recipes

Classic Rocky Road

Chocolate, digestives, marshmallows, raisins & Rice Krispies

The original rocky road recipe is often the best. Who can resist the combination of digestive biscuits, raisins, mini marshmallows and Rice Krispies, all bound together by mouthwatering milk chocolate?

Click here to view this classic rocky road recipe

Oreo Rocky Road

Chocolate, original Oreos, Golden Oreos, cornflakes & sprinkles

Who can resist an Oreo? Well no one we know under the age of 18, anyway. To mix things up, this contains golden and regular Oreos. The best biscuits for rocky road? Only you can decide.

Click here to view this Oreo rocky road recipe

Honeycomb Rocky Road

Chocolate, Rich Tea biscuits, Crunchie bars & Rolos

This honeycomb tiffin recipe contains Crunchie bars, soft Rolo caramels and Rich Tea biscuits for a pleasing contrast. Few can resist this really good rocky road recipe.

Click here to view this honeycomb rocky road recipe

Millionaire’s Rocky Road

Chocolate, shortcake biscuits, fudge & sprinkles

If you love Millionaire’s or caramel shortbread, then you’ll adore this ultra easy Millionaire’s no bake fridge slice recipe made with shortcake biscuits and fudge.

Click here to view this Millionaire’s rocky road recipe

Ginger Rocky Road

Dark chocolate, ginger nuts and Jaffa Cakes

Whether made as a Christmas gift or whipped up as a sweet treat at any time of year, this zingy version makes some of the best rocky road bars for adults.

Click here to view this ginger and orange rocky road recipe

Chocolate Orange Rocky Road

Chocolate, Rich Tea biscuits, Rice Krispies, Orange Matchmakers, Orange Smarties, Chocolate Orange & sprinkles

If decorated with edible eyes, this chocolate orange tiffin is ideal for Halloween. It’s also great for Christmas, though perhaps with a different decoration!

Click here to view this chocolate orange rocky road recipe

White Chocolate Rocky Road

White chocolate, shortcake biscuits, Rice Krispies, dried berries, mini Jammie Dodgers & sprinkles

This white chocolate tiffin is sweet, but not overly so thanks to the addition of Rice Krispies and plain shortcake biscuits. Kids love it!

Click here to view this white chocolate rocky road recipe

Christmas Rocky Road

Chocolate, chocolate orange, shortbread, mixed dried fruit, spices & sprinkles

With mince pie and ginger flavours, this warming Christmas tiffin is ideal for the festive season. Ideal when decorated with star sprinkles.

Click here to view this Christmas rocky road recipe

KitKat Rocky Road

Chocolate, pink wafer biscuits, KitKats & sprinkles

If you love a wafer biscuit, this KitKat no bake cake is perfect. The pink wafer biscuits also make for a very pretty dessert or sweet snack.

Click here to view this KitKat rocky road recipe

Mint Rocky Road

Dark chocolate, Rich Tea biscuits, mint chocolate & mint Matchmakers

You can make this mint chocolate tiffin at Christmas, at Halloween or indeed at any time of year, and with the right decoration you can make it seasonal.

Click here to view this mint rocky road recipe

Cherry Ripe Rocky Road

Chocolate, nice biscuits, Bounty bars, glace cherries & Rice Krispies

If you agree that there are few finer combinations than dark chocolate, cherries and coconut, this no bake slice pays homage to Cadbury Australia’s Cherry Ripe bar.

Click here to view this Cherry Ripe rocky road recipe

Malted Milk Rocky Road

Chocolate, malted milk biscuits, Mars bars & Maltesers

This one’s for fans of Maltesers and other malty treats. There’s a nice contrast between crunchy and soft in here too.

Click here to view this malted milk rocky road recipe

Easter Egg Rocky Road

Chocolate, fruit shortcake, Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs, sprinkles

Both Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs are included in this Easter egg tiffin recipe. Fruit shortcake is also present, to represent Easter biscuits made with dried fruit.

Click here to view this Easter egg rocky road recipe

Drifter Rocky Road

Chocolate, Blue Ribands, Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer, Curly Wurly & sprinkles

This one’s for those who miss the now-defunct Drifter bar. It contains various wafer and caramel bars to recreate the flavour of the classic treat.

Click here to view this Drifter rocky road recipe

Nutty Rocky Road

Chocolate, peanut cookies, Snickers, Topic bars & sprinkles

The best nuts for rocky road are contained within nutty treats like Snickers and Topic bars, plus peanut cookies. Just add melted chocolate and sprinkles.

Click here to view this nutty rocky road recipe

Fireworks Rocky Road

Chocolate, digestives, Cadbury’s Caramel, marshmallows, popcorn & sprinkles

This fireworks tiffin recipe contains popcorn and other popular Bonfire Night ingredients to create a Halloween or Guy Fawkes no bake slice.

Click here to view this fireworks rocky road recipe

Biscoff Rocky Road

Chocolate, Lotus Biscoff, Blue Ribands, fudge & sprinkles

The caramelised flavours of Lotus Biscoff plus fudge bars, Blue Ribands, chocolate and crunchy sprinkles make the perfect no bake cake for fans.

Click here to view this Biscoff rocky road recipe

S’mores Rocky Road

Chocolate, digestives, marshmallows & Caramilk buttons

Kids just love making S’mores – even at home in the microwave rather than round the bonfire. This S’mores rocky road is ideal for autumn get-togethers.

Click here to view this S’mores rocky road recipe

Double Decker Rocky Road

Chocolate, Rich Tea biscuits, Double Deckers, Rice Krispies & sprinkles

Double Deckers are one of the best British chocolate bars. One pack can really be stretched when you add Rich Tea biscuits, Rice Krispies, chocolate and sprinkles.

Click here to view this Double Decker rocky road recipe

Peanut Butter Rocky Road

Chocolate, Rich Tea biscuits, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Reese’s pieces & sprinkles

One for all the Reese’s fans among you and yours. Contains both miniature peanut butter cups and Reese’s Pieces.

Click here to view this Reese’s Rocky Road recipe

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